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HELPING TRADERS SUCCEED “The human side of every person is the greatest enemy of the average investor or speculator.” ~ Jesse Livermore

Want to Become Wealthy Trader?

Keys to become successful and wealthy trader Wealthy traders are patient with winning trades and enormously impatient with losing trades. Yes, I often fell prone to that. I tend to hope too much when things are going bad. I have time stops, but tend to close positions/strategies too early when having a nice gain. Too

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Stuart Walton’s Trading Rules

He was profiled in Schwager’s Stock Market Wizards. His average annual return of 8.59% from 2002 to 2014 beats the market, though nothing to write home about. In the 13 years, 5 were down years. This compares to his 115% average annual return from 1991 to 1999. Stuart Walton’s trading rules: • Be patient –

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