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Types of Technical Indicators.

Technical trading involves reviewing charts and making decisions based on patterns and indicators. These patterns are particular shapes that candlesticks form on a chart, and can give you information about where the price is likely to go next. Indicators are additions or overlays on the chart that provide extra information through mathematical calculations on price

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Power of Options Trading

Options can: Control large blocks of stocks with call options that are going up with a small amount of capital. Short stocks with put options so you don’t have to find shares to borrow or use margin to sell short. Sell options short to other traders. Buy a hedge using put options to protect your

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Option Greeks

Option Greeks measure the sensitivity of the option pricing represented by Delta, Gamma ,Theta , Vega and Rho. Delta measures the sensitivity of the option value to a given small change in the price of the underlying asset.Delta is amount an option price expected to move based on $1move up on the underlying stock. Delta

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Intrinsic Value and Time

Intrinsic Value for call option is underlying stock price minus strike price. Intrinsic Value = Underlying Stock Price – strike price Intrinsic Value for put Option is strike price minus underlying stock price. Intrinsic Value = strike Price – Underlying stock price Option Premium is Intrinsic Value plus ( addition) Time Value. Option Premium =

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Candles Chart are stock charts used in charting and study of chart patterns in technical analysis. Also called as Candlesticks or Candlestick charts, they dramatically illustrate supply and demand concepts defined by classical technical analysis theories. Candlestick patterns not only display the absolute values of the open, high, low, and closing price for a given

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