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ARI KIEV: The Mind of a Winner

ARI KIEV: The Mind of a Winner

Ari Kiev was born in 1934 and passed away late 2009.

Psychiatrist and best-selling author Ari Kiev’s work ranged from the study of nontraditional psychiatry practices to helping athletes and Wall Street traders achieve peak performance.

Ari Kiev was born in Bronx and raised in Washington Heights where he attended Stuyvesant High School. Dr. Kiev graduated from Harvard in 1954 with a degree in social relations. In 1958, he earned his medical degree from Cornell Medical College. He eventually headed Cornell’s departent of social psychiatry after his psychiatric training at Johns Hopkins and the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital in London.

As PSYCHIATRIST he discussed following points while interviewing for Market Wizards by Jack D Schwager.

• Believing makes it possible.
• To achieve a goal, you not only have to believe it is possible, but you also have to commit to achieving it.
• A commitment that promises the goal to others is more powerful than a commitment made to oneself.
• Extraordinary performers—Olympic gold medal winners, super traders —continually redefine their goals so they are a stretch. Maintaining exceptional performance requires leaving the comfort zone.
• After setting a goal, the trader or athlete needs to define a strategy that is consistent with the target.
• Traders, athletes, and other goal-oriented individuals need to monitor their performance to make sure they are on track with their target and to diagnose what is holding them back if they are not.

Here are list of books by Ari Kiev

  1. Trading To win
  2. The Mental Strategies of top Traders.
  3. Trading in the zone.
  4. Mastering the trading Stress.

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